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Dear Investor,

If you're tired of working at a dead end job and ready to take your life back, please give us 5 minutes of your time and we show you how to rehab houses.

Then we’ll explain how we can work by your side to do the same for you.

Thinking back to the old me...
It's 6 A.M. in the morning and In a few hours I'll be getting out of bed again to report to my day job at the Video game store.
Every week as the bills out last the money, we remind our self something will change soon. After all, we young and surely we get a break sooner or later. It can't be like this forever. At least that's what we keep telling our self as we got home every night and say tomorrow will be better.
After all, my parents had work very hard, they taught me to work hard and that's how you get ahead in life, by exchanging hours for dollars and saving pennies all they was doing was making other people all the money.
Well my friend, I'm here to tell you,

You Don’t have to work
Hard working smart is what Makes You Rich...
not Dead Broke.

We'll show you what works in Today's economy ... in your area!

One of the best ways to make money as a real estate investor is rehabbing houses. If a property is distressed you will be able to buy it at a lower price and add value back into the house by fixing it up. This new equity creates a huge opportunity for profit. You can sell the house are you can flip it without doing work to it to an investor for them to fix it and sell it.

You Will Never Have a Better Time to Get into Real Estate than Right Now....

Over 20 years ago.

We started out and found experts, gurus, and mentors who taught us whatever we needed to succeed. We were like sponges forlearning, and that knowledge was distilled into our product, Quick Turn Rehab -- which is now available to you!

You are the kind of person who knows that lifetime FINANCIAL FREEDOM is possible. How do we know that? Because if you weren't, you would not continue reading this.

We learned very early in our life that our own success could come more quickly if we emulated successful people. These are our own secrets to success:

  • Associating with successful people
  • Mirroring their processes
  • Learning from their mistakes
  • Capitalizing on their experiences, and, ultimately,
  • Creating our own successful experiences ...

These were the keys to our financial freedom.

Now it's your turn to model your own success on a proven formula.

Since the road to your eventual success is made up of all the individual steps you take along the way,let this be your first step. Follow the wealthy men and women real estate investors who have come before you, and pattern your success on their battle-tested formula. Everything will just seem to fall into place.

Did you know? 76% of millionaires made their fortunes in real estate!

Real estate is the most effective way to kickstart your success and move forward with confidence.



Investors are getting access to HIGH-PROFIT deals like never before. It's happening to us, and it can happen to you, too!

The high number of foreclosures mean that investors with the inside track can access the very best deals every day. You can actually make tens of millions of dollars in profits!

With Quick Turn Rehab, you learn the right way to do to do it.

  • How to buy at the right price
  • How to hire the right contractors
  • How to use the right paperwork for every job
  • You learn about the rehab timeline, and,
  • You learn how to sell homes quickly, for top dollar.
  • Tips on how to sell your properties fast.

We put this course together so that you can grasp the truly unique opportunity that this marketprovides. There are literally MILLIONS OF DOLLARS to be made, for those who are willing to to go get it are stay on the couch and let your life pass you byand you know that not you it time to make the move and go for it.

We have several very successful students who didn't finish high school, and we have other very successful students who each spent more than $200,000 on a college education.

They're doing Rehabbing houses deals
the easy way.

and just look at them now!
Yes! You have what it takes!

     “This is just a follow-up to let you know that we have just rehabbed 1 home in for a total net income of $50,000.  Not bad for just one property

“Does this still work in today’s real estate market?”
    In short, yes.  Absolutely.    As a testimony to this been profitably Rehabbing homes. 

All you have to do is harness this opportunity.

Use with Windows XP, Vista & Windows 7...8...10...

Wouldn't you much rather have the "road map" to success right in front of you than try to create one yourself?

That is exactly what we do for you. We have laid out the road map to your investing success with our real estate investor course Quick Turn Rehab.

Let's talk about the time investment needed to rehab a house versus putting on a coat and tie and busting your butt for 40-to-80 hours a week, for a whole lot less salary than you will make rehabbing houses. When you cash out a rehab, your check can be $15,000 to $50,000 or more. How many checks like that do you need in a year to replace your current income? And remember -- you're the boss!

It's all about freedom. Having control over your own lifestyle.

Here are a few emails fromour former students...

Address: 3141 Keswick Road (Eagledale), Indianapolis, Indiana 46222, 3-bedroom, 1-bath ranch. All homes
in Eagledale are almost exactly the same price, $75,000. Anything below $65K needs repairs. Sold comps range from $69,000 to $80,000.We have attached comps. Average days on market: 40. Estimated cost of repairs: $10,750. Estimated time for repair: 4 weeks. Time on market: Less than 180 days. Cost of acquisition: Purchase, $38,000. Total requested: $48,750. Profit: Over $20,000! Not bad in just 28 days!


Steve Allison and Dean Calvert
ACI Properties, LLC

I wanted to let you and Michelle know how things are going. I have two closings scheduled for next week for the two properties I am getting ready to buy and the one that I just sold...I got a check for $35,734.13!

Thanks!" -- Gary Hippensteel, Indiana

I have been rehabbing on my own for several years and after using their techniques I have doubled what I was making. I recently sold a rehab after attending their last seminar and made over $22, 000. That is why I’m back a second time. --

Kevin Wright, Indiana

houses chart houses chart 8,000

This is profit on the low end it could be $50,000 a house all houses are differt no less then
$20,000 a house profit that your to keep that on rehab and resell...

JUST $97.00

Don’t waste time! Stop guessing and learn techniques that WORK.

Our goal is to create successful and committed real estate investors. If you have the drive, desire and motivation to succeed in real estate, we will help get you there.


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Our Course Tells You EVERYTHING You Need to Know...

Finding – Buying – Fixing – Selling

Cut years off your learning curve today

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Let's think about what your options are.

You could read several thousand books, waste time creating your own formulas, and figure it all out yourself. And it would STILL be worth it, because three years from now, you'll have an incredible life.

we want to save you ten years of your life!

We wish someone had shown us how to do this when we started out...

So we have done the groundwork for you. All you need to do is implement this system. Once you get it, really get it, then you'll likely be in this great real estate investment business the rest of your life.


Dwayne and Michelle assume that you know nothing... and guide you to their level of expertise, quickly.

They've been showing others all over the country how to rehab Properties.
They've developed very comprehensive rehab materials.

The 200-page manual and forms and contracts are comprehensive, informative and stimulating,
for analytical thinkers as well as for impulsive investors.

We did not break our material down into two or three courses like others do.

We wanted to give it all to you in one complete course...We are so creative, you'll wonder why you haven't noticed our technique before.

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