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Saveing Money Now
Working With Contractors!!!

Dear Friend,
We have been involved with real estate investing for a number 18 years. We've seen, talked with, and in many instances helped, a good number of the top real estate investment guru's. We've been fortunate enough to be able to invest in real estate alongside some of the top real estate guru's.This web site is to inform future investors and rehabbers. We truly believe that the more people are informed the better investment decisions they can make.Continue reading ...you'll get a feel for what we're talking about.

Are you

  • Looking for an opportunity to increase your Profits in Rehabbing?
  • Remodeling your own home?
  • Do you just want to save money when you are dealing with a contractors?

Contractors Credentials can be one of the stickiest parts of the rehab business
Most of us, when we hear the word contractor, automatically think “Oh no! Crooks, liars, poor workmanship, etc.”
Granted, there are many bad contractors out there, and we have met a few of them... There are plenty good contractors . We help you find the good ones.
We learned from the mistakes we made and now we can show you because we been there.  We still deal with contractors every day

It is important to know what to look for in a contractor
You could be looking for a general contractor or individual contractors, eg: plumbers, painters, electricians, etc. We will show you the pros and cons of both options in this book.
But to start with you should empower yourself with the knowledge of what is required for every job.
You have to know:

  • When and what type of permits are required
  • When to check zoning laws
  • What licenses the contractors are required to have
  • How to verify the contractor’s license
  • And whether their insurance is in effect.

So, where do you start? With learning how to deal with contractors it's all right here for you.
Use our experience. We can help you overcome the obstacles of hiring a contractor.

All you have to do is get this information and use it .
Unfortunately, sometimes thinking "too much" yields inaction.
And as many successful folks say.
"Inaction is Your Only Obstacle."

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Wouldn't it be nice to get a "sneak peek" prior to committing a large sum of money to a potential opportunity?
Here's what we teach you in "The Ins & Outs of Working with Contractors":

  • How to protect your property from liens
  • How to choose a contractor:
  • How to references from the contractors
  • How to get a contractor who will be able to complete the job on schedule
  • How to design a contract for the job
  • How to add to the contract between you and the contractor
  • How to Dealing with the contractor you have chosen
  • Do's and don'ts of paying a contractor…
  • How to check licensed on contractors?
  • What to do if approached by someone offering home improvement services door-to-door, specially when they will use material they claim is left over from another job…
  • Do I pay cash?
  • How many bids do I need to get to pick a contractor for my job?

house work

Wouldn't it be nice to spend just a fraction of those dollar$$$$ on VALUABLE INFORMATION, understand the opportunity, and then determine if the opportunity is one you'd like to pursue? - Of course it would!
Well...that's what has been provided for you ...valuable information!

Information that will help you determine if real estate investing is an opportunity you'd like to Take...at a fraction of those big dollars.

Now we're not "promising the farm"...We're not going to make claims about the oodles and oodles of money you'll make in the first fifteen minutes after you purchase our Book.
But we do guarantee that after reading our book you'll be better equipped in the decision...

Working with Contractors" is just a part of the business. Learn it from someone who has been there and is still doing it.  You will be better informed before making those important decisions whether you will spend big dollars or to not.

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