Repair Estimating Program - DOWNLOAD

To download product read below

You will receive your Product when you order

1. You will see a down load button on the side CLICK on it and it will ask you to unzip it and save it to your desktop.

2. You can use winzip Click on Use Evaluation Version it will let down load it is Free to use.

3. Save after you click on it a box will come up click on the product in the box and go to the top and hit Extract in your folder you made on your desktop.

4.  on the right side click on desktop.

5. On the right on the top hit the Extract button It will put this on your desktop and your document folder.

6.repeat this for each download and make you a new folder on your desktop and name the folder Quick Turn Rehab are Hud Homes and move your down loads in to them.

7. If you have a problem with the download email me and I will send you a link for you to do it.

When down loading the forms and contracts always select all of them when you are going to Extract them they all will stay together and be in the same folder.

Books will open up in Adobe Reader. And WinZip is what you can use to UN zip the files both can be download for free for a limited time you can use them you will need to download them to use.

To make a folder on your desktop right click on your mouse on desktop click new look for folder and click on it and name it Quick Turn Rehab and now that where you will put everything in and Extract inside the folder after you done you can make different folder it you want to move things around.


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Thank You For Your Order

Dwayne & Michelle


Rehab Housing Pro

9.39MB ZIP File



Rehab EST Pro

1.25MB ZIP File



Rehab MAO

4.83MB ZIP File



Contractor 17

1.21MB PDF File




888KB PDF File