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Rehab Estimating Pro will save you many hours of Frustration. Special $97.00


Our Rehab Estimating Pro software gives you the ability to build a detailed repair cost estimate for any fix and flip house in minutes.


It will help YOU Get Better on your Rehabbing Estimates and they will be more detailed, accurate and professional to ensure that you win more profitable jobs. REP has powerful
features that will help you create an estimate in no time.

And, a big plus: Rehab Estimating Pro is fun to use! Just think, you will no longer dread estimating. With Rehab Estimating Pro,
you will actually look forward to doing estimations. Best of all, you will be so happy to see the excellent results
of your improved estimations roll in.

No construction knowledge is required; input is straight forward and easy - in many cases, a drop down box choice. Automatically calculates the maximum offer price based on your estimate of the after repaired value.

With Rehab Estimating Pro, you will look professional and feel professional in the very competitive fix-and sell
Rehab Estimating Pro was developed for rehabbers, contractors, landlords, flippers, homeowners, rent-to-buy owners -- and it was developed for YOU. So let Rehab Estimating Pro deal with the complicated number- crunching - all you have to do is rake in the cash when your “SOLD” signs pop up everywhere in your community. Get the Green Light on a Project from Rehab Estimating Pro

Rehab Estimating Pro not only tells you what information to input, it also provides you with a running calculation
of your costs. Imagine: You’ll know in an instant whether a rehab project should get the green light or not!
As rehabbers, you have to juggle a lot of numbers, but you know that two specific numbers make the
difference between a tidy profit and a break-even, or a loss: after-rehab value (ARV) and repair costs.
Almost every rehabber will agree that estimating repairs can be a headache. You could build in a cushion to
protect yourself – by selling below market and high-balling your estimate – but that means you will probably lose
out to competitors who can estimate with precision.

There’s nothing worse than getting into a property based on guesswork, getting the numbers wrong, and then
seeing your profits steadily evaporate until stopping the bleeding is the best you can hope for. The next worst
situation is to not get the property at all because you had to pump up your repair estimate to keep from blowing
the kids’ college money on a rehab.

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Rehab Estimating Pro Gives You Peace of Mind and Gets You in the Game
REP is easy to use and so fast, you can download it, take it with you to the prospect's property and do the
calculations right there, on-site.

Find out why people from all over the U.S are choosing Rehab Estimating Pro for their rehab estimating needs.
This is what some Rehab Estimating Pro users have to say:

●Using the Rehab Estimating Pro has prevented us from overbidding on homes. It is a clean, structured method that gives me rehab estimates weI can use not only in my offers on a property but also to double-check my contractor's bids.Dave Deiwert, Indianapolis, Indiana

● Rehab Estimating Pro has saved me so much time and energy. The program has paid for itself already.
Steve Hunter, Indianapolis, Indiana

● Rehab Estimating Pro has helped our company save so much time and money, The product actually pays for itself! Frances Garner.

Rehab Estimating Pro was designed to aid and educate you in your repair estimations of property rehabs. Whether
you are a die-hard rehabber, a landlord, an owner, or a homeowner in need of repairs - you NEED Rehab
Estimating Pro.

You need to know what to expect when it comes to estimating the cost of repairs to your property.
The school of hard knocks has encouraged us, Dwayne and Michelle Bray, to create this tool and, since it has
worked so well for us and so many more, We decided to make Rehab Estimating Pro available to Everyon

LET Rehab Estimating Pro Work for You

Rehab Estimating Pro contains pages with the property address, a breakdown of the rehab costs and totals
from each area, and the grand total for that particular project. Within each property, all repairs are grouped into
seven different categories: Exterior, Interior, Plumbing, Electrical, Structural, HVAC and Staging. The program
also has a useful database of average costs

Just add now you can make change to this product you can change the prices, you can add other thinks to you new solfware set up and now you can then make a folder to your dest top and save it under that property address on your computer with this solfware your in control any new update we do our self will be pass along to you



Advanced financial analysis software used for the valuation of single family rehab properties is

NOW AVAILABLE TO YOU! Learn how to determine exactly how much your rehab/flipping deal is worth before investing your money by utilizing the easy-to-use Rehab Estimating Pro Software!

Lack of Knowledge can Cost you Thousands as an Investor...

For technical support, contact us at Rehabbinghouses@yahoo.com. Put REPB in subject line. We check our
email several times a day.



All So Get Rehab Mao Calculator Free with order...

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Rehab Estimating Pro is extremely valuable to investors as well as homeowners and contractors. Indeed, it
will prove to be one of the most important tools in your investor toolbox.
As an Investor, Lack of Knowledge can Cost You Thousands of Dollars
Here is what you receive when you order Rehab Estimating Pro today:

● Rehab Estimating Pro - This system is designed with eight integrated spreadsheets that calculate all of your
repair costs, from start to finish. Simply enter the numbers into the system for each area of repair, such as:
Exterior, Interior, Plumbing, Electrical, Structural, HVAC. Rehab Estimating Pro tells you what the total cost will.be on the entire project, and the main sheet gives you the total.

● An Instructional Guide on how to use Rehab Estimating Pro. After the hundreds of hours we spent creating
this system, we wrote an Instructional Guide that clearly shows you how to use each sheet.

Technical Support - simply contact us via email, anytime. All!

To Sum Up, Why Should You Order Rehab Estimating Pro Today?

● Rehab Estimating Pro eliminates the fear associated with high-cost repairs.

● The Rehab Estimating Pro CD is compact; you can take it with you to any property as a complete reference tool.
Never guess about the potentially high dollar costs of a project again.

· Rehab Estimating Pro estimates repairs in a fraction of the time. It lets you create repair budgets by simply
filling in the blanks. Just enter the dimensions of the rooms, and the numbers of repairs or replacements. The prices
are automatically calculated.

● Rehab Estimating Pro differentiates cosmetic repairs from major repairs.

● Rehab Estimating Pro estimates for quick evaluations. Whether you are doing the rehab yourself or wholesaling
to another investor, it is critical that you know the true cost of the property, including holding, closing and rehab costs!

Now you can Calculate Maximum Purchase Price Properties The maximum allowable offer is a rule of thumb framework that provides the beginner real estate investor with a formula to determine a ceiling when making offers to sellers of distressed property. It's the simplest form of property investment analysis there is. You will also get The Rehab Mao Calculator below with your order.


Special $97.00


Rehab Bing Houses

Rehab Mao Calculator Free with order

Real Estate Wholesalers:
Use our “Rehab Mao Calculator” to figure out the right price to pay for your flip or rehab property in just seconds!
Quickly figure out if a property deal is right for your are your wholesale buyers! Quickly figure out if a property deal is right for your Rehabbing deal!
This Is For The Property Rehabbers & Investors: Evaluate any real estate deal in Min!
Flip the property for fast wholesale profit, or Rehab it. Calculate your potential Flip Profit!
Enter your Rehab Budget, Financing , Holding Costs, and Closing Costs to determine whether the deal will work. This is where you make your money when you buy it,,,
Make better decisions and faster decisions – without the headache and hours of number-crunching. And make more money…

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Rehab Mao Calculator Free with order


Let Rehab Estimating Pro Do The Work For You....
Rehab Estimating Pro

Use with Windows XP, Vista & Windows 7...
$297 regular..Special JUST

Bonus Rehab Estimating Pro Tools
Get everything listed here free...if you order NOW!!

Property Inspection Sheet ,Explanation of Forms & Contracts ,Funding Investor Flyer

Hard Money Payment ,Loan amortization schedule ,Property Sign In ,Sample Hard Money Request

Success in real estate requires the ability to accurately estimate repairs and other costs.

What is it worth to you to accurately estimate rehab costs in minutes - allowing you to evaluate deals in half the time and print it out and give it to a hard money Leander and keep it in your Files.

Act Now For and Get Now

Contact Us at Rehabbinghouses@yahoo.com. Put REPB Specia Price in subject line. We will send you the Information’s check our email several times a day.


Rehab Estimating Pro software For Investment Analysis   The Easiest Way to Evaluate Real Estate Flips, Wholesales, Rehab Projects, Subject 2 Repairs and Hard-Money Lending Collateral.  Calculate Offer Price, Project Profit; Manage Budgets, Track & Schedule Projects... All in one!

Let Rehab Estimating Pro Do The Work For You....
Rehab Estimating Pro

Use with Windows XP, Vista & Windows 7...
$297 regular..Special $97.00