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Staging Homes With Michelle

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Whether you are selling your own home or selling a home you have rehabbed,
Staging With Michelle will help you get paid faster...

Or if you are renting out your properties, this
system will get them filled faster than you ever thought possible

If you want to sell or rent your homes quicker, you need to create APPEAL.
By doing this, you can move your properties as much as 70% faster, meaning:

  • fewer payments
  • fewer ads

Are you Tired of writing checks on vacant houses month after month?

  • Are your houses sitting on the market too long?
  • Are you tired of giving up THOUSANDS of dollars in concessions on every sale?
  • Are you spending hundreds of dollars each month in classified ads and dropping prices to get your rentals filled?
  • Are you looking to make an extra $15,000 to $30,000 when you sell your next house?

In our Quick Turn Rehabbing Success course we talk about staging your properties. But, I decided to go one step further after some prodding from fellow investors, and really go into great detail on everything we do to our properties that make them irresistible.
Whether It Is One Of Our Rent-To-Buy Properties Or A Rehab Project -


Free with Order of Rehab Estimating Pro...

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We stage the homes ... for under $200.00

And just watch it go

You Can Do it two. Stop Loseing Money









Staging is turning a house into a home – Strategically placing

everyday inexpensive items throughout the house

  adding to the perceived value IF You Serious About Your Investing Career?

Then Don't Wait. Get Staging With Michelle Today.

Michelle has Talk around the Unite State...

She will shown just how profitable staging is to the process and she is an expert in the field. Let her teach you the basics of staging that will make buyers and tenants flock to your properties.
What is an investment home if nobody wants to live in it? It is a liability.
But expert staging will turn prospects into buyers or tenants – increasing your conversions and increasing your profits.
People have tried to wing it, just to fail by making silly mistakes and costing themselves thousands of dollars in profits. 
In Staging With Michelle you will learn what works and what doesn't work...


Don't waste your time and money. Let Michelle show you how to turn a recently rehabbed home into a dream home for buyers or tenants.

Whether It Is One Of Our Rent-To-Buy Properties Or A Rehab Projec

Staging Is Turning A house In To A Home - Strategically
Placing Everyday Items Throughout The house
Adding To The Perceied Value.

iF You Serious About Your
Investing Career?


This course can be your Rehab Estimating Pro

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Free with Order of Rehab Estimating Pro...

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